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      2. About Us

        About Us

        TOMAX is a leading manufacturer in the construction machinery industry with a vast product range of concrete mixers, batching plants, concrete mixer trucks, concrete pumps etc construction machinery.
        Our products were successfully used in most countries around the world, and were trusted by customers.

        We were located in Zhengzhou city, and have 30 years manufacturing experience. We have two different modern factories with 32,000m2 covered area. Among 350 employees, 12 experienced engineers make sure the top quality of products.

        We believe that developing and manufacturing of top quality, industry-leading products is always a top priority. We also passed CE and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certificates. All these guarantee the best quality of products.

        Besides constantly improving the quality of products, TOMAX also provides customers with 7/24, all-round and efficient services by our trained marketing team and skilled engineers.

        TOMAX is committed to giving Max value to every customer, help them to build a better world.